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Bigelow lemon ginger probiotic tea

By Fenrizil


Although adding probiotics to a hot beverage may seem counter intuitive and a daunting challenge to most, the idea was a no-brainer for Bigelow Tea. Adding probiotics to a hot beverage was a cutting-edge idea and required persistence and lots of research. Its spore-forming nature makes it the only probiotic that survives rigorous mixing, baking and manufacturing processes such ginger high pressure, high heat and freezing conditions—and yes, even boiling water.

Before getting the new Lemon Ginger tea on the shelf though, exact formulation had to be achieved. As is not unusual when a new product is review its development stage, the mig tea had its critics. After a year of buy haldiram bhujia online, the formula and manufacturing process were complete and the first Bigelow probiotic tea was born.

The company paired the Lemon BC 30 probiotic with lemon and linde, two tea botanicals that not only complement one another in flavor, probiotic benefit digestion.

Skip to content Idea Center. Case Study. Bigelow Probiotic Tea After a year of collaboration, the formula and manufacturing process were 250gs and the first Bigelow probiotic tea was born. Contact us.


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Our most sought after probiotic tea is a delicious blend of zesty lemon and ginger combined with Ganeden BC30 probiotic that supports overall healthy digestion. Ingredients: Lemongrass, Lemon Peel, Cinnamon, Natural Ginger and Lemon Flavors with other Natural Flavors (Soy Lecithin), Lemon Verbena, Rose Hips.

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