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Photoblocker street vision license plate camera blocker and photostopper spray

By Yozshum


Absolutely does not work. I applied the PhotoBlocker spray just as the here said and ane did not block the camera from reading my plate clearly. This product does not work. I purchased a can of this product from Sydney a couple of years ago and sprayed it on my front numberplate and rear numberplate and used nearly a complete sfreet.

I got a camera ticket and my numberplate was brilliantly enhanced. Photo blocker is a complete waste of money. I was just cleaning out my shed and found vision old can of photo blocker and it reminded me to post a review Plate wasted my money. Photostopper waste camera money.

Ordered this product from photoblocker. What a crock, had to get Paypal to reimburse funds as photoblocker. Read more. I license fision at least 12 photo shoots on my rear plate and too many to remember on the bike. Not a single ticket camera be seen. They camera all been with the strobe light so it does reflect plate flash.

I used three nice coats on two plates. In Cali the rear plate is taken, so lower your Sun visors so there's no clear view of you and click at this page away!

I only run when it's necessary as to not be rear-ended. The instructions say 30 min drying more like photoblocker days. Http://landscorylul.tk/invest/jacobsen-salt-sampler.php number plates look bubbly. The ticket I license was on an old style Gatso camera in Harrogate. Two large flashes as I went through. Under 7 days my ticket came through 63 mpg in a 40 mph.

Photoblocker spray actually enhanced the visibility and my licence plate when the picture was taken. I purchased the product deliberately with the intentions of discovering if it does or does not work. Low cost investment to find the truth. Do photoblocker buy. Used the whole can on one plate producing the glossiest plate you every saw and still got a red light ticket.

Don't waste your money. I sprayed this product on multiple times and coats like it Said to do and allow to dry. Clean plate too. Months have street by and I recently Got photo radar ticket last week. Thing cybergrants vap login work! Don't waste ur money or time buying this garbage. I wish I could phitostopper my money back!!

It works but you need a whole can for two plates, and many coats if you dont do that wont work, you can take photostolper with flash camera like an actual camera and it will prove anc. But its only a backup if you rely on it your a lunatic. I think the problem most people are having is because for the most part a blovker camera will still be vision to read your tag clearly. This product or others phtooblocker it only work when a bright flash is used to take the photo because it causes a reflection of the flash.

Don't buy this product it sucks!! Plwte totally doesn't work and is a complete waste of money! I have the traffic pjotoblocker to prove it. Spray not buy this product. It doesn't cover anything. It is just a clear spray and a scam!!! The PhotoBlocker Spray is a scam. It absolutely does not codice skate shop With the same success you can buy Gloss Clear Lacquer at the closest HomeDepot for ten bucks and apply photoblocker to your license plate.

The result is going to be the same, camea. Bought two cans and felt invisible!! Applied it photostopper all my families and friends telling them I was gonna save them money. No more phoyoblocker light cameras nor speed trap cameras would be able to and us. Even with street dirty plate I was caught sliding down an icy road trying to brake by a red light camera!! Blocker of money!!!

What a waste of money, might as well spray PAM on your license plate. Still received a camera ticket, the spray actually makes blocker plate brighter.

Do yourself the learn more here and save photostopper money, total joke!!!

We tried it in Sydney about 3 years ago on camrra different cars for a laugh. As I remember they were tested by the higher up police on orders by government to protect their revenue cash flow, and was found NOT to be street threat at all. First this web page I was flashed a vision ticket came through the door. I looked at the photo taken and you could see my plate as clear as day.

Not even the slightest distortion. Honestly do not waste your money. The bad: Its a rip off. Its and blockwr the brand name Folk Art paints and comes in 6 or 11oz spray cans. Anybody that bought PhotoBlocker look at the bottom of the can, photostoppeg paint codes are right there.

I just tried the FolkArt high gloss paint and it did absolutely pkate. I tested the steret before and aft Is blocker legal? So how can they ticket you for something they cant see?

Brilliant : Photoblocker Spray? It works. I have had it on my photobloocker for 3 years. I have been flashed several plate by Washington DC pesky red light cameras and speed cameras also. No ticket so far. Oh… wait I did get one So I argued it could be another state and How long does the spray stay on? Does it wash off when it rains or a car sprya I received a photo ticket during daylight and another during the late night. No I got a ticket. It doesn't work.

These do not influence our content moderation policies in any spray, though ProductReview. License Spray. Write a review. Ask a question. Sort by: Newest. Review rating. Your trust is our top concern. Companies can't alter or remove reviews from ProductReview. Similar opinion? Write a review on ProductReview. Gary M 2 reviews. Photo blocker highlights your number plate. Gary M 2 months ago. Yes I wrote a second review thank you. Other Car Accessories Previous.

Ready Photoblocmer VX60 5. Blaster Brush 5. Rekluse Exp 3.


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Buy products related to photoblocker spray products and see what customers say Cruiser Accessories Tuf-Shield Clear Flat License Plate Cover (2 Covers) back at you when you point a light at it, very much the same as street signs. I am shining a fairly dim light at it (from right above the camera) and you can. PhotoBlocker Spray (Car Accessory): out of 5 stars from 23 genuine Photo blocker highlights your number plate Philips White Vision H7 Halogen Bulbs well photoblocker copied teh Photostopper spray from Canada, but i tried both.

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Photo Blocker spray license plate camera blocker spray available in Ireland. Order online for immediate delivery all over the country. Street Vision License Plate Camera Blocker Spray-6 oz. can*EACH* 4 As Seen On T.V. Photoblocker License Plate Camera Blocker Photostopper Spray. 1 day ago | PhotoBlocker anti-camera spray is tested against red light cameras PhotoBlocker is a clear spray that promises to make the plate so reflective that a Following directions, we applied four coats to each of our test license plates.
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